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Dr. Christopher Kawa

Dr. Christopher Kawa

A message from Dr. Chris Kawa:

Thank you for visiting the Discover Chiropractic website. My goal as one of Ocean County’s leading chiropractors, is to provide you with extraordinary service by combining my 23 years of experience with cutting-edge chiropractic technology. I look forward to serving you, getting to the root cause of your health issues and most importantly, teaching you how to stay well.

My journey into natural, drug-free chiropractic care began when I was 16-years old. While playing football for the Brick Township High School Dragons, I suffered a broken leg and soon after my recovery, I noticed that my gait was not right. I began to pull muscles every time I attempted to run. It also caused lower back pain. Around the same time, a few of my friends were seeing chiropractors and invited me along to see what it was all about. And I’m so glad I did because it literally changed my life.

Chiropractic not only balanced my pelvis so that the muscle strains stopped and I could finally feel better, but it did something that I never expected. As a child, I had severe allergies. Sinus issues, hay fever and eczema were a part of my everyday life, but as soon as I began getting adjustments, things changed drastically. I vividly remember taking that first deep breath through my now-clear nasal passages and thinking to myself, “what the heck just happened?” Not only did chiropractic fix my back; it helped my breathing and opened up my sinuses. From that point on, my allergies were a thing of the past. I stopped taking allergy medication and went to school that fall as a new, allergy-free student. It was amazing. Check out our allergy page here.

After my high school graduation, I attended Rutgers University and earned a degree in biology. After that, I enrolled in the largest chiropractic college in the United States; Life University of Chiropractic. Here was where I finally began to learn the amazing art and science that is chiropractic. I learned quickly that I could change lives, much like mine had been changed. I grew in the understanding that the nervous system really is the “master control” system of the body, and any interference to a nerve will always lead to some form of bodily malfunction.

Now, after all of my education, I look to share the amazing benefits of chiropractic care with you. If you’re looking to relieve your pain naturally, restore your range of motion, enhance your performance, or you simply want to keep your body in top shape, there’s a great chance that I’ll be able to help.

Call Discover Chiropractic today at (732) 920-8844 or visit our Contact Us Page for more information. Our Discover Chiropractic Office is conveniently located in Brick, NJ. I can show you how function-based chiropractic care can enhance your life, make you feel younger, and get your body to work at its maximum capacity… Just as God intended it to.

Be well,
Dr. Christopher Kawa DC 
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